Weekly dump of things around the web that catch my eye.

Liquidation Preference: Your Equity Could Be Worth Millions—Or Nothing

Informative post on company equity and what is the preference stack. A must-read for anyone whose new job comes with company equity as a perk. Cue light bulb if the scene from The Social Network with Eduardo Saverin makes more sense.

Sudan and the Instagram Tragedy Hustle

I first came across the blue profile via a family member. I initially thought he had set it after a faux pas with his previous one, turns out he was raising awareness for the crisis in Sudan. Bit of a shame that you have people on Instagram who are exploiting the issue.

The Man Behind ‘Fortnite’

Great to see the founder giving praise to the team for coming up with Fortnite. As a leader mind you, he pulled off the impossible, getting other console platforms to talk to each other. Alongside redefining the business model with free to play Triple-A title, that recouped the investment with season passes and IAP for cosmetic items.

Apollo Creed vs. the Joker: Who Had the Better Entrance?

For me it has to be Apollo Creed, I think Tyson Fury would agree as he used it recently for one his bouts.

Marvin Visions — An Expressive Variable Font

Beautiful font reinterpreted by my BBC R&D colleague Mathieu Triay. Also look out for the font in The Umbrella Academy on Netflix

Monzo and Starling: meet the British mobile banks showing the US how it’s done - The Verge

I’ve been a big fan of Anne Boden for quite a while. I do agree with the statement that Starling comes across as a traditional bank, but do it in the way of a bank from the future.


Leon Sans

ImageNet Roulette


Assemble with Care is a thing of beauty. UsTwo Games have reached Monument Valley heights once again.